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November 2012



Windows 8 (WinRT) Development

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I haven’t been able to blog recently because I’ve been so busy with a lot of stuff the past months doing mostly WinRT application development. Our company Magenic Manila (Rivereo Inc., a subsidiary of Magenic) started an internal contest (and I hear Rocky Lohtka himself will be one of the judges! Sweet!). In short a brief stint in product development (at last). I am practically still a newbie with regards to WinRT but the experience I had with Silverlight/WPF development allowed for an easy transition. As of this moment, here is my report regarding WinRT:

Very easy to transition into, coming from a SL/WPF background. XAML, my favorite markup language is pretty much the same in this platform (that can be good or bad depending on how you look at it).

Lighter Requirements. Compared to previous previous the other OSes, I find it more efficient in the ‘features that you get compared to the hardware required’ aspect. For around 2 months I just installed the RTM version using parallels (on a MacBook Pro Mid 2010). Alloted 4GB memory for the instance. Though not as fast as I wanted I could still use dual monitors. I haven’t bought a license though, I still don’t have a Windows box for now.

Hurray for new controls. Well, new for me. Having no real experience whatsoever with WP7/7.5. I had fun with GridView and other controls. Also, I found out some of my custom controls have been rendered useless now (atleast some just require modification in order to fit the ‘Metro Style Guidelines’). I like Metro Style because the ‘grid’ style/concept is all I am currently capable of (for now). Lol.

HTML5/CSS3/C++ support. Yeah, nice move MS! Well, not as beneficial to me since I’m more of a XAML person now than HTML but for web devs, this is great news. Oh and did I mention Direct3D support?

Thats all I have right now, I’ve barely scratched the Surface (get it? lol). So one of my short term goals is to acquire a dev machine (a mini-itx rig), get a Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 + Expression Blend. My wallet is going to die again.

On a side note, I would like my dev team FTLWerkz to start doing projects on WinRT since I think the cost for development in this platform is significantly lower. Practice makes perfect.