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March 2013



Fitbox Technogym

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FitBox Lobby

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Up until last month I’ve been experience stress related symptoms (yet again) and I’m going through restructuring my life. I’ve been doing so much in so little time that I forgot to set aside time for alone time, eat right, sleep right and exercise. Enough is enough.

Last week me and my officemates found this gym called FITBOX Technogym near our office, located at: 2nd Floor, PLaza 100 Building, corner of Rufino and De la Rosa, Makati.

P3070002 zpsda12728b Fitbox Technogym

Flier front

Its a bit pricey (there are discounts for the first 100 early birds) but thats because of the premium and new equipment, adequate instructors for Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA (one of the owners said that he found a way for the instructors available everyday for every kind of discipline). Instructors teach 1 on 1 for now.

P3070001 zps9fdf012f Fitbox Technogym

Flier Back


Basic Boxing Stuff

P3070356 zps65ba8d5e Fitbox Technogym

Basic Stuff

Workout area, treadmills, step machine, sandbags, speed balls etc. I didn’t want to stand up and get a new angle because I was too tired to do so.

P3070354 zps96475e12 Fitbox Technogym

Lex, the Dummy

P3070368 zps3ae1bf71 Fitbox Technogym

Officemates after the workout

P3070347 zps5ab7346a Fitbox Technogym

Some guy doing mitt work


I always wanted to own one (or atleast try one) and now I can use it whenever I’m at the gym with no additional charge. Yeah!

P3070380 zps04d7733d Fitbox Technogym

Me TRXing

I saw this excercise being demoed by Brandon Vera, so I gave it a try. The instructor who was taking this photo sure took his time: I did around 20-30 of these before collapsing to the ground.


I  am very happy with the way the instructors treat their students. They joke around, push you hard till you drop and you’ll enjoy it. You don’t have to do anything (i.e. wave money around) for you to be trained properly.

P3070385 zps269e7db9 Fitbox Technogym

Me with Kuya Manny, err, Mario. Lol. He looks a lot like Manny Pacquiao!

P3070358 zps467edb67 Fitbox Technogym

With coach Edmar

P3070339 zps5f5310ad Fitbox Technogym

Eugene doing some mitt work

P3070369 zpsce786ae4 Fitbox Technogym

Flying knee from nowhere. Too bad my focus was nowhere to be found too!


They have dumbells, kettelbells, benches and a multi-machine. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of them and you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Shower Rooms

Shower rooms are non-communal, so you get your own bowl, mirror, hot water equipped shower with multiple nozzles and your own phone (intercom, for emergencies I pressume). They have a total of 4 rooms so there may be a time tha you’ll have to get it line. Not a deal breaker though, its fine with me, in fact I like this better than all the gyms I’ve been to.

P3070390 zps776464cd Fitbox Technogym

Inside the shower room with a purple glow that I didn’t notice before exporting.

Special Guest: Isaiah Ordiz

We got lucky today, we got to train alongside Isaiah Ordiz who is I think the face of Fitbox (I see him in the main poster, correct me if I’m wrong). He’s really nice and polite.

P3070366 zpsa85471ef Fitbox Technogym

P3070365 zpsc27e33e3 Fitbox Technogym

P3070346 zps314ef53e Fitbox Technogym

P3070375 zps4b5164e1 Fitbox Technogym

He’s tall, strong and fast. I don’t know if I’ll survive if we fought. Brrr.


I really like this gym. Its a little expensive but worth it. If you’re in the area try it out! Here are the contact details:


Oh, BTW, this is not a paid advertisment, I just like the service so far that I blogged about it.