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April 2013



My top 10 Pinoy kiddie snacks (80s-90s)

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I grew up before the MTV generation (I was in HS when MTV became available in the PH) and way before the Internet Generation. As kids we played a lot of outdoor games but we also had computer games back then like brick games and Super Mario on the Family Computer (a knockoff of the JDM NES I think). As kids we were happy with cheap snacks found in our local sari-sari stores (small retail store outlets). Here are my top 10 snacks from my generation:

10. Aratilis -  A fruit bearing tree that was abundant in Cavite when I was young. It provided shade, food and also the “home base” for games like tagu-tagoan (hide and seek) and sikyo base (a capture the flag type of game, with hostages ofcourse).

9. Stay Fresh - Small BB gun pellet sized mints that also served as blowgun bullets (we used our softdrink straws as blowguns and, uhm, awesome sauce as lubricants. lol)

8. Joy Whistle Candy - These were fun! White and pink candies that has a hole in the middle which when used properly can also function as a whistle (for the people like me who can’t whistle properly).

7. Might Mouse Candy - Ah, one of my favorite aromas in the world. Lol. This sweet smelling candy was also sold with “Utraman” cards by our neighborhood sari-sari store (if I remember correctly).

6. Bazooka Joe Bubblegum - A pink rectangular bubblegum that included a comic strip of Bazooka Joe.

5. Mr. Cinco - Chocolate pellets (smaller than Stay Fresh in size)

4. Haw Flakes - A Chinese snack that we used as props when re-enacting the communion from church (I was from a Catholic School). Fast forward to today, our dogs love these! They go crazy when they see these flakes.

3. Cheese Curls -The epitome of the Pinoy snack. So much so that I remember a lot of people using it as a category: “Pabili nga ako ng Cheese Curls, ung Tomi.” (I’d like to bu Cheese Curls, that Tomi) Just like Colgate became synonimous with toothpaste.

2. Kornets - These were high-end back in my time. Reserve for the once a month grocery list and was what we ate while watching Amazing Stories and Rescue 911 on RPN 9. I used to pretend these were huge fingernails and ate them like the 6th step in Gwiyomi/Kiyomi.

1. Sweet Corn - These were my staple enery boosters. I had 3+ of them safelly stored in my utility belt (i.e. brief/shorts garters). I ate them while playing outdoor games, resting, indoor games and as long as budget permitted. I chugged these down like crazy.


Tira-tira - These were solid sticks of brown sugar. Difficult to eat without your hands (and or shirt) getting dirty though.

There were a lot more of these snacks, how about you what were your favorites? Post them comments below icon smile My top 10 Pinoy kiddie snacks (80s 90s)

Let’s play a little game: I’m having difficulty finding pictures of these and I would love to have them here. Could anyone post some links on the comments and I’ll glady mention you and your source for credits.