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Feb 3, 2014   |   

For the first blog post for the year (after much thought and deliberation), I decided to write about my decision to learn how to design. From this point on, I’m dedicating this blog to capture the events, changes, learning and tools that I will encounter on my journey. It doesn’t mean that I’ll stop being a programmer. It just really want to learn how to design and that I’m finally driving my career the way I want to. I’m going to focus on solving and building things for myself as practice.

I believe that having a technical skill is very important in building things. Having some programming chops will be beneficial to me, but I will have to do a lot of learning from a variety of different fields. Much of my time is now dedicated to reading books on design (or pretty much everything I can get my hands on with regards to building things), business and processes.

I have to admit, I have been very unorganized until now and that I have had so many broken processes in my life that need to be addressed. That’s why it will be my first big project: Fixing my life.

I made this list that I will be referring to as my backlog. It will be updated everytime I accomplish something, or think of something new.


  • Getting to and maintaining ‘Inbox Zero’
  • Designing a daily routine. A workable routine for the procrastinator in me. I am finally able to admit that I do not know how to follow a routine In progress
  • A system to help not only plan but to implement my plans In progress
    • Task/To-Do list In progress
    • Using a schedule In progress
    • Short, medium and long term goals board In progress
    • Agile or any other methodology applied to my life In progress
  • Organize daily objects/places that I interact with
    • My Car On hold
    • My living space On hold
    • My work place In progress
      • Desk Done!
      • Music Gear
      • Photography Gear
  • A system that will help develop my creativity and organize my ideas, because ‘Inspiration is perishable’. In progress
    • Sketchbook Done!
    • Writing software (Writer pro, Evernote) and removing unnecessary software In progress
    • Short, medium and long term goals board In progress
    • Agile or any other methodology applied to my life In progress
  • A system for continuous learning
    • Reading
      • Articles
      • Books
      • Publications
    • Seminars/Training
    • Certifications
      • MS, MCSD
      • HFI, CUA
      • HFI, UXA
  • Create a workflow for all my activities that require output
    • Design
    • Blogging
    • Music Production
  • Learn how to draw (again). Its been more than a decade since I seriously drew. And I cannot stress how important it is to learn how to draw.
  • Improve my teaching methods
  • Learn to become an entrepreneur
  • A system for all of my life hacks
  • Learn how to prioritize, gauge tasks and avoid distractions
  • Leadership
  • Design an Identity Package In progress
    • Resume In progress
    • CV In progress
    • Business Card In progress
    • My personal logo In progress


  • Brown bag sessions. I was tasked to take the initiative on the UX Brown bag sessions. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I wanted to help fix whatever was broken with these sessions. I got to form a crack team that will design, prototype and implement In progress

Whew!All done!

Maybe you’ve encountered some of the problems that I want to address? Comments, suggestions are very welcome.

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